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Event Audits

Event Audits

Events are expensive and work intensive. They sap the energy of your staff, your donors, and your key stakeholders. That said, when done right nothing reaches and connects with people more effectively and powerfully than an event. To ensure that your event achieves the latter, you need to take the time to properly evaluate your organization’s events on a regular basis. For that reason Esteemed Events created the Event Audit.  An Event Audit assists organizations in looking inward and visiting the reasons why you might have an event. It looks at both internal and external factors that affect the health and strength of your event. It helps determine how your event can evolve with you, if it should be reinvented, or if the idea of an event should be entirely put to rest.

To determine whether or not a client needs an Event Audit, we developed the following ten questions. If you answer yes to any of them, then you should consider an Event Audit:

Do You Need An Event Audit?