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The Esteem Dream

The Girl Event Segments

The Girl Event Segments

My Body – My Chariot
On this stop on the journey we are challenged to love our body, tap into its power, unleash its potential, and examine the notion of beauty.

My Fellow Travelers
Along the way we meet many people who can build us up or pull us down. From sex and intimacy, friendship, authority and everyone else; relationships matter. We’ll identify how we can steer clear of negative people that slow us down and embrace those who inspire and energize us.

Express Yourself
Everyone needs an outlet to channel all the ideas and feelings that come our way as we transition into adulthood and negotiate the challenges of life. Creative self-expression is a great way to shape who we are. In this module we’ll be encouraged to let go and express ourselves.

Leaving Your Mark
Choices we make now will have an impact on where we go later and one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving our goals is a lack of appropriate planning and discipline.  Being open to the notion that anything is possible when you take responsibility for results in your life is key to realizing our greatest dreams and potential. In this module we will explore who we want to be in the world and how to get there.

The Big Picture
We share this space we call our world and each of us has a say in how it looks. In this module we will meet people who have made a difference in the world and talk about the power of volunteerism, identify what matters to us as individuals, and explore the avenues to involvement.

To download The Girl Event Passport, a fun and frank workbook that can be used by girls to explore the values and segments reflected above, please
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