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The Esteem Dream

What is the Girl Event?

What is the Girl Event?

The Girl Event will educate, entertain and inspire girls; empowering them with excellent tools to establish a healthy sense of self worth. The event is an interactive and energetic experience open to girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

Key Principles Expressed at The Girl Event:

CHOICE. You choose how your life will go.

INDIVIDUALITY. Embrace differences and individuality. Highlighting your unique self unlocks your potential and appreciating others’ expands your world view.

RISK. The old adage says, nothing ventured; nothing gained. It is in the unknown where we grow and find our Self.

RESPONSIBILITY. Healthy people own the results in their life. No one else should take the blame or credit for who you are, or who you become.

RESPECT. To most effectively tap into our potential and that of the world, we acknowledge the inherent value of our Self and those around us, from people and animals, to the environment.